Call for Papers
The Review Committee awaits all theoretical, methodological and conceptual reports presenting contemporary science development and problems solving ideas in the fields of social sciences and arts.

Special attention will be given to reports, proposing science-based ideas for decision-making and adaptation to the new reality of global and social changes.

Key steps for your successful participation!
  • STEP 1
  • STEP1
    choose a topic
  • The submitted topic must be related to the conference scope. We have 15 sections separated to 4 main scientific topics.
  • Conference TOPICS
  • EARLY BIRD -15%
  • STEP 2
  • STEP2
  • Every author has to create his own PROFILE and REGISTRATION. We have several forms of participation - choose yours and register now!
  • STEP 4
  • STEP4
  • To be included in the printed book and the programme - kindly keep the deadlines for your registration and paper submission.
  • Dates & DEADLINES

Key Features

  • In order to participate you should register yourself and submit an abstract in due time.
  • The Review Committee will evaluate every abstract submission in 14 days.
    Check your paper STATUS regularly.
  • The authors of the approved papers will be informed by e-mail and invited to submit the full papers in due time and keeping the SGEM paper requirements:


To prepare your final manuscript in accordance with the conference requirements, please download this SGEM PAPER TEMPLATE INSERT your paper text in it and SEND it BACK to [email protected]Thank you!

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