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The Sibyls and the art of prophecies have played an essential role in history, proving the inclination of the human spirit towards mysticism and the belief of all societies that at the base of any symbolic story is a real event. In the book of Enoch, which describes the making of the world according to the Jewish tradition, often cited by the authors of the New Testament and even by Jesus Christ, it speaks of angels who loved women and married them, making them known the derisory mysteries they knew, the small mysteries of the universe that led to evil. Sibyls belong to the category of women who gave birth to mythological characters of humans with human appearance, but with an appearance obtained through imagination and not through the physical eye. They are humanoid creatures with two wings or four wings and two heads, with legs and horns on the head, with horse legs in the back and human ones in front, bulls with human head, dog with jackal head, dog with four heads or dog with tail fish, monsters of all kinds that populate the mythological imaginary of mankind, as intermediate phases to a perfect human race. The ancients had a vision of history written in the stars and recovered by them by magic signs, and the modern world continues this way of relating itself to the universe, but with technological methods and a scientific imaginary based on the latest explorations in physics and technology. Along time, cultures and societies have referred differently to these symbols of occult history, sacred symbols, granting them superior recognition (e.g. the Senate, Alexander Macedon, Heraclitus, etc.) or disregarding them, as old, deceitful and caring of harmful stories. From the pre-Christian society to the society dominated by Christianity, which was also the most aggressive one with these feminine practices, considered as witchcraft and punished with death, and to this day, in the neo-liberal society, the status of special women, prophetesses and intellectuals, visionaries, remains as controversial as ever. Transhumanism, as a social movement, seeks an increase of the human being in all its attributes, reminding us of the experience of the "Observers" of Enoch. Women are the ones who support society and life, with much courage and constantly, as it happens in literature, taken from real-life events. Sibyls, masters of time and sacred prophecies, continue their journey in the modern, post-Christian society, and reach the most appreciated social position of all times, that of women socially equal with men, appreciated and recognised in the post-religious world.
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Sibyls; knowledge; ancient times; prophets; imagination; imaginary
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