Participation Forms & Fees
Choose your form of participation and proceed with your registration!

Remark: If you have a common paper with a colleague of yours (your name is listed among the authors of the paper), then one of you must be registered as a LECTURER and the other as a CoLECTURER. The CoLecturer has full privileges as the LECTURER, with the only difference that he is not directly responsible for the ORAL/POSTER presentation of the common paper. The LECTURER is the one who is UPLOADING THE PAPER and is also keeping regular correspondence with the organizing committee regarding paper preparation and presentation.

CoLecturer fee of € 288 EARLY BIRD (after 1st of May 339) covers:

  • Attendance at scientific sessions;
  • Admission to the Exhibition Halls;
  • Admission to the Workshops Halls;
  • 1 volume from the printed version of the SGEM Conference Proceedings (at the SGEM registration desk, you will receive the book which includes your paper);
  • Conference set;
  • Welcome Reception/Cocktail party;
  • National Dinner Party with variety show;
  • Closing Reception & Certificate Awarding;
  • Conference coffee/tea-breaks;
  • Conference Field Trip;
  • Other social events.

By wish / extra cost:

* CD/DVD version of the SGEM Conference Proceedings (all papers in PDF format) could be ordered in addition (on-line) at the complimentary price of € 89.
* Copy of the SGEM Conference Proceedings (1 volume) could be ordered in addition (by e-mail/at the venue) at the complimentary price of € 39.

*All upper mentioned fees excl. VAT

Note: Every Author should be aware of the Publication Ethics & Malpractice Statement as well as the Cancellation Terms & Conditions.
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