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Ivanov, D.; Garber, A.
The progress of society today depends on people who are able to solve business problems creatively, be creative in science and art. The acuteness of the problem of creativity raises it to the rank of "the problem of the century". The authors turn to the analysis of fundamental works on the study of the child's creativity, which is manifested in various types of activities, including visual art. According to the ideas of V.P. Glaveanu and D. B. Bogoyavlenskaya, creativity and giftedness are closely related, so the results of observations on the development of children's creativity in art reveal a key aspect of the problem of giftedness. To solve the set tasks and verify the initial assumption, a set of complementary research methods that are adequate to its subject was used: 1. theoretical method (analysis of psychological scientific literature, results of practical activities in order to generalize domestic and foreign experience); 2. empirical methods (Test of creative thinking by P. Torrens); 3. ascertaining and forming experiment, including the development and testing of a program for the development of creative abilities in older preschoolers; 4. data processing methods: quantitative analysis using mathematical processing methods (Mann-Whitney U-test, Wilcoxon T-test, computer program for statistical data processing SPSS Statistics 23) and qualitative analysis of research results. The study sample consisted of 31 children. Of these, 17 children made up the experimental group and 14 children – the control group. Age of children from 5 years 5 months to 6 years 8 months. The obtained data allowed to assess the dynamics of the level of creativity in children's seventh year of life. The main indicators for evaluating the success of the test were fluency, flexibility, originality and elaboration. The analysis of drawings was focused on measuring fluency of thinking by the number of figures completed in the allotted time; flexibility of thinking by the variety of ideas; originality of thinking by the ability of children to put forward ideas that differ from the well-known ones; elaboration by the number of invented details of each drawing. Conclusions: in the group of children who studied under the program with games aimed at developing creative abilities, the results of repeated testing differ from the results of 49 7th SWS International Scientific Conference on Social Sciences ISCSS 2020 other children. Compliance with the age norm in terms of "fluency" - 94% and 64%, respectively; in terms of "flexibility" - 100% and 64%;"originality"- 71% and 43%; and "elaboration" - 71% and 21%. These results are presented in our article as related to the peculiarities of giftedness, which is identified with the visual creativity of preschool children aged 6-7 years. Thus, the dependence of children's manifestations of these features on the program used by the teacher was found. A higher level of indicators was found in the group that was trained in visual creativity using games.
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In Proceedings
giftedness; art creativity; preschoolers; age norm; in-game training
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7th SWS International Scientific Conference on Social Sciences - ISCSS 2020
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SWS International Scientific Conferences on SOCIAL SCIENCES - ISCSS, SWS Vienna Art Extended Sessions,
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51 Al. Malinov blvd, Sofia, 1712, Bulgaria
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SWS Scholarly Society; Acad Sci Czech Republ; Latvian Acad Sci; Polish Acad Sci; Russian Acad Sci; Serbian Acad Sci & Arts; Natl Acad Sci Ukraine; Natl Acad Sci Armenia; Sci Council Japan; European Acad Sci, Arts & Letters; Acad Fine Arts Zagreb Croatia; C
9-10 December, 2020,
7th SWS International Scientific Conference on Social Sciences - ISCSS 2020, 9-10 December, 2020
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