DOI: 10.5593/SGEMSOCIAL2015/B23/S7.094


Lungu M.A., Stepan O.M.
Monday 28 September 2015 by Libadmin2015

2nd International Multidisciplinary Scientific Conference on Social Sciences and Arts SGEM2015, www.sgemsocial.org , SGEM2015 Conference Proceedings, ISBN 978-619-7105-48-3 / ISSN 2367-5659 , Aug 26-Sept 01; Book 2, Vol. 3, 739 - 746 pp

One of the main problem regarding the economic development potential is represented by the opportunities of investments in economy, which are missed due to a lack of correlation in information. In this area we will customize our research on the capacity of increasing the economic growth in Romania throughout facilitating the absorption from the Regional Operational Program by using a tool, created to enhance the know-how of the applicants and beneficiary of the projects, financed by structural funds. For a thorough analysis semantically research projects with grant has been verified as the embodiment Trops software application, which is a software that was developed by Agnès Landreau and Pierre Molette from the work carried out by Rodolphe Ghiglione. This paper consist in an achievement of an electronic thesaurus that will be based on a research project encyclopedia grant, in order to improve the economic growth by facilitating the structural funds absorption.
In research was conducted in Romanian language ontological dictionary according to the documents researched and based on which we can build ontologies. Related search crawlers search engines will use this ontological Dictionary built on decalificare documents romana.Astfel language for optimal results of research and to provide specific outcomes this dictionary was built just for Romanian language .

Keywords: Financing, Economic growth, structural funds, Thesaurus, grant projects, semantic web, WordNet, Trops.