S. Panina, N. Maximov, N. Tulasynova
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References: 4th International Multidisciplinary Scientific Conference on Social Sciences and Arts SGEM2017, www.sgemvienna.org, SGEM2017 Conference Proceedings, ISBN 978-619-7105-93-3 / ISSN 2367-5659, March 28-31, Book1, Vol.1, 839-846 pp, DOI:10.5593/SGEMSOCIAL2017/HB11/S12.105

Studying of socio-pedagogical and psychological issues of foreign students adaptation in Russian higher education institutions allows to determine the contradictions between: the demand of organization of educational support in first year of training that effectively promotes social adaptation and immaturity of these issues in higher school pedagogics; the demand of Russian higher education system in theoretical developments on issues of social adaptation of foreign students and the lack of educational background; the availability of educational technologies and insufficient research and methodology maintenance, allowing lecturers to model various educational ways, considering the aspects of optimum social adaptation of students foreigners. The conditions providing the efficiency of social adaptation of foreign students which specifies the need of competitive recovery of Russian Universities in the sphere of international educational services are presented in the paper.
Dynamic incoming of Chinese students in Russian Universities is obvious; it is connected with economic growth, shortage of highly qualified personnel in China and affordability of higher education in Russia. In 2011 in order to facilitate the development of Russian-Chinese cooperation in the sphere of higher education and strengthening the national innovative capacity the Association of technical universities of Russia and China (ATURC) was founded. We conducted the survey of Chinese students training in 12 ATURC Russian Universities.
The important factors influencing the processes of Chinese students adaptation are a new system of high school teaching; weather and climatic conditions; difficulties of interpersonal communication; peculiarities of ethnos mindset. In our opinion, teachers of higher education institution need to consider the peculiarities of material acquisition of Chinese students when developing educational programs and training process structuring.
To promote foreigners social adaptation is also necessary to carry out more intensive work: actions for acquaintance with city, region, Russia, Universities history (visit museums, hold discussions and meetings with famous scientists and successful graduates, etc.); studying the migration legislation of Russia; team, academic group building.
To develop the international relations providing the specific features of activity in east direction, the constructive activity is necessary for many Russian Universities. It will bring forward the integration into international educational system. The creation and development of joint educational programs and research with leading Chinese higher education institutions will allow modern Russian higher institutions become more attractive for training foreign citizens.

Keywords: adaptation, social adaptation, Chinese students, Russian Universities, international educational services.

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