M. Majdak, K. Novosel, A. Bagaric
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References: 5th International Multidisciplinary Scientific Conference on Social Sciences and Arts SGEM 2018, www.sgemvienna.org, SGEM2018 Vienna ART Conference Proceedings, ISBN 978-619-7408-34-8 / ISSN 2367-5659, 19 - 21 March, 2018, Vol. 5, Issue 6.1; 59-70 pp, DOI: 10.5593/sgemsocial2018H/61/S07.008


First habits connected to alcohol drinking young people gain in the family. Misuse of alcohol and other addictive substances in young people is often connected to complex family situations and family problems while drinking model is primarily developed in peer groups. The aim of this study was to examine the connection between young people’s perception of parental acceptance-rejection, peer pressure and some sociodemographic characteristic (gender, family structure, parent’s education, subjective estimation of family income) with alcohol consumption. The participants were first year students at the University of Zagreb (different faculties) (N=227). The research was conducted using the web Questionnaire consisted of four parts: The Questionnaire of peer pressure constructed by Lebedina-Manzoni, Lotar and Ricijaš in 2008.,Parental acceptance-rejection Questionnaire constructed by Rohner in 1984., Socio-demographic questionnaire and The Questionnaire about the alcohol consumption both constructed for the purpose of this research. The data were analysed using descriptive statistic and Pearson’s correlation coefficient.The results have shown significant correlation between alcohol consumption and peer pressure which means that under peer pressure young people consume alcohol more frequently. The perception of parental acceptance-rejection is associated with peer pressure, so students who experience rejection from their parents, experience also more peer pressure. The result also points out the connection between some sociodemographic characteristics and alcohol consumption (gender, family structure, mother’s educational status and the subjective estimation of family income). Therefore, attention needs to be put on the contemporary family relationships, leisure time of young people and relations with the peers as well as the young people education about the damage of alcohol use.

Keywords: students, perception of parental acceptance/rejection, peer pressure, alcohol use

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