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For a long time, corporate governance has been presented as a universal solution for all problems.
Economic and financial disasters have been a cold shower for the global society, showing that the mere statement of leadership based on corporate governance principles does not award objectivity and professionalism to activities by itself. Much has been said and little has been implemented along the times, so that the global society has had to accept that a correlation is needed between what is declared and what is implemented, as a single way to ensure a desirable outcome. At the same point, it was established that some other aspects should be taken into account when appraising entities, additionally to the assessment of economic performance: transparency, equity, relations with individuals, a focus on overall good results.
Genuine corporate governance is designed as a construction, as a part of a development process, able to overcome as many obstacles as possible, by striking a balance between integration, diversity and unity.
This paper deals with a topic that has been widely debated in scientific literature, by means of objective study and thorough investigation, objective observation and comparative analysis. It aims at starting from the importance of corporate governance and the need to discourage unprofessional approaches aimed at achieving one’s own interest, even causing general harm, as well as analysing the means that may support genuine corporate performance.
At the same time, we shall try to come up with some original conclusions on the possibilities to reconfigure corporate governance.

Keywords: corporate governance, general interest, responsibility, ethics

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