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Several groups of the population are threatened by unemployment. These groups include graduates from secondary schools and universities, individuals in the retirement age, persons with disabilities, persons with low level of education and other groups. One large group represents secondary school and university graduates. The aim of this article is to compare and evaluate the amount and causes of unemployment of this population group in Slovakia and in the Czech Republic.
Although Slovakia and the Czech Republic in the past have shared by the common state, is in the area of unemployment among them a big difference. Total unemployment in both countries gradually decreases from 2012. However, in Slovakia is its level 8.1%, while in the Czech Republic only 2.9%. The unemployment rate for graduates has fallen in the year 2017 to the lowest level in the history of the Slovak Republic (18.6%). Despite the decline, Slovakia is still above the average of the European Union, which is 16.2%. In the Czech Republic dropped the unemployment rate of graduates to the level of 7.9% and this country belongs among the economies, which have a lowest rate of graduates unemployment in the EU. The Czech Republic in the year 2017 has occupied the second place in the EU, while on the first place was Germany with unemployment rate of graduates 6.8%. Slovakia is located approximately in the middle of the rankings.
The tools of active policy of employment in Slovakia, it would be appropriate to focus on vulnerable population groups in the regions with the highest rate of unemployment, as it is in the Czech Republic. The fact that the youth unemployment rate is in the Czech Republic about half lower than in Slovakia, is linked also with the historical development. The Czech Republic has been in the past more developed country like Slovakia and has reached a higher level of GDP per capita. To the reduction of the unemployment rate of young people could contribute a better link the study with the labour market, for example, the introduction of mandatory professional practice to every secondary school and university. The students would be able to get work habits and experience already during the training.

Keywords: unemployment, graduates, Slovakia, Czech republic

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