Z. Vitolina, S. Gemma
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Latvia has defined the smart specialization strategy in national level since 2013. The planned outcome - increased capacity of innovations - includes the share of high and medium-high technology sectors in the export; number of researchers employed in the private sector; increase in manufacturing productivity and share of innovative enterprises.
Smart Specialization Strategy measures are tied to the Latvian Sustainable Development Strategy until 2030, the Spatial Development Perspective and the National Development Plan 2014-2020. Accordingly, regional policy determines the concentration of investments in national and regional development centres, the identification and specialization of the existing resources of the territory, with the prospects and economic development prospects.
Since then the task was given to the municipalities to establish and implement local smart specialization strategies in order to achieve the planned results in country. In the implementation of the Smart specialization strategy, one-sided support for economic growth must be avoided: the economic environment and human resources development that promotes economic activity must be created. Unfortunately, in the local level no activities where done since then, raising concerns that Latvia’s’ smart specialization strategy will not be successful.
This article aims to investigate smart territorial development tendencies in local municipalities in Latvia. The methods: analysis of scientific literature and legislative documents, statistical data calculations, factor analysis.

Keywords: smart growth, smart territorial development, smart specialisation

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