R. Pelanek, M. Vanek
Thursday 8 November 2018 by Libadmin2018


The submitted article analyses the current situation concerning implementation of methods of continuous improvement in industrial companies. The results are based on a survey carried out in 2016 - 2017. The survey was carried out in industrial companies employing 250 to 2,500 employees, mainly in joint stock companies and limited liability companies, with majority of Czech capital. It mostly concerns companies focused on automotive industry both from the production point of view as well as from the finished products direction point of view.
The analysis revealed that in the process of introduction of methods of continuous improvement the companies stick to concrete LEAN methods. Companies try to keep themselves in the Czech market on the basis of already tried and tested methods and do not like experimenting, but at the same time they do not rely on tradition and they realise that they can achieve a long-term competitiveness by continuous process improvement with focusing on keeping customer satisfaction.
During practical implementation companies use especially these methods: 5S and Standardisation (65 % of companies), Visual management (55 % of companies), Teamwork (50 % of companies), 5x Why (45 % of companies). Other methods are used in lesser extent.
Majority of companies (80 %) agree with a thesis that correctly chosen and implemented methods of improvement are an important tool to keep competitiveness in the market.

Keywords: continuous improvement, industrial company, method analysis

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