E. Endrizalova, M. Novak, V. Nemec, M. Tilsar, S. Szabo
Thursday 8 November 2018 by Libadmin2018


The visual identity of airlines is important component of their business. This is emerging from intermediate service character of air transport which is not primary target of passengers and is significantly unified at the international level. Air transport as a service is intangible, processes and resources are very similar and thus greater emphasis must be placed on the visual identity of companies. The article describes the specifics of the marketing mix of airlines with emphasis on the fifth and sixth P - People and Processes. The main focus of the article lays on analysis of all components of the visual identity of the air carrier: logo, font typography, colors, exterior airplane design, crew uniforms and web-design. Each of these areas are described from the point of view of the historical development and the current state and identifies the interrelationships between these components. The research is complemented by practical examples. The output of the analysis is the manual of an active approach which can be used to create and maintain an airlines brand. This active approach can be used to change the visual identity or to change some of the visual identity, such as the company logo. Re-branding in a highly competitive air transport environment is not unusual. Change of visual identity is always related to the development of corporate identity, with some more complex changes in society. The reasons for the change can be found in the article. This brand design research compared to existing articles and resources provides complex overview and comprehensive methodology for development of airlines brand design.

Keywords: airline, brand, design, visual, manual

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