M. S. Topchiev, M. M. Bicharova
Thursday 8 November 2018 by Libadmin2018


One of the most important elements involved in the formation of cultural security of the state is the institution of the family. It is family values that underlie the formation of the civic position of young people, which are expressed in the awareness of their involvement in the ideas, principles, religions and local cultural values of the state. Despite the obvious huge role of the institution of the family for the society as a whole, this structure is not always stable and sometimes disintegrates before it has yet been properly formed. The problem of the formation and preservation of the family is especially acute for the modern Russian youth.
In the conditions of an unstable world political and social situation, a young family that has not yet had time to formulate its family principles, but understands that the family values learned from childhood lose their relevance, are forced to look for new behavioral patterns. Their source is the popular information resources (newspapers, radio, television, the Internet), broadcasting ready-made advice, expert tips, online articles, thematic blogs, etc. However, the new mechanisms offered by mass culture and the information society are often not confirmed by practice and are destructive for the family.
Within the framework of the system analysis underlying the research methodology, the characteristic features of the behavior of young people associated with their motivational attitudes and values in relation to family, marriage and parenthood were studied in the given article. In particular, the publicly available data from Russia’s statistical metabases were analyzed, and our own study of the impact of national and religious affiliation on the processes of formation of family and other values was conducted.
As a result, the main aspects of the influence of the religious and cultural transgression on the modern family institution and the mechanisms for the formation of family values have been revealed, and the factors such as national and religious identity that directly or indirectly can play an important role in the formation of these values have been assessed.

Keywords: family values, nationality, religion, transgression, frontier

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