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In this article the problem of being philosopher is represented. The article is started with the presupposition that philosophers left modern universities and they were replaced by professors of philosophy. The problem here lays in the boundaries that modern student does not need philosophy only as a tool, a terminological and conceptual apparatus, but as a specific way of understanding the self and the Other.
Some methods from the practice ‘care of the self’ (Michel Faucalt and Pierre Hadot) and philosophical practice (philosophical counseling) can be implemented in the modern education system. Among them are philosophical reflection and self-reflection, dialogue and polylogue, discussion and debate. In the article the slow reading of the philosophical text and the following work with it is described. The purpose of the student’s first work with a philosophical text is not to search for "right" answers to the posed questions; the goal is in the appearance of the student’s interest in the philosophical text, in the system of philosophical outlook and to gradual format philosophical taste of student. Moreover, it is mentioned that Stephen Grimm at Fordham University (USA) and Jose Barrientos at University of Seville (Spain) successfully use some instruments from philosophical practice in universities now.
The main method that is used in the article is analysis through which professor of philosophy is revealed as an open unit, who implements the practice of care of the self and of the Other. Philosophical practice in modern university is described by such concepts as care, Other, dialogue, seeking, philosophical meditations.
In his work with the student the professor overcomes the appearance in being a philosopher. In his philosophical practice he takes care of himself and seeks to care of the Other, following the dictum of Plotinus, "Constantly sculpt your own statue, until the divine light of virtue shines in you".

Keywords: Philosophical Practice, Philosophical Counseling, care of the self, university, dialogue

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