V. Cherepko, M. Makarova, L.Shatalova, N. Gatinskaya, I. Chekhonina
Friday 9 November 2018 by Libadmin2018


The purpose of the study is to describe the nature of accommodation (coarticulation) of Russian and Japanese vowels based on a comparative typological study, and to characterize the manifestations of Russian-Japanese interference at the level of speech perception. The main research methods are the comparative-typological method, empirical method, method of observation, method of auditory analysis, instrumental methods, and generalization of obtained results in order to reveal phonetic interference. The analysis of the problem showed the following results: 1) At the theoretical level, it was revealed that the phenomenon of accommodation in the Japanese language is manifested in a different way than it is done in the Russian language. In Russian, accommodation of vowels in the speech flow as a result of coarticulation is always two-sided (progressive, regressive, progressive-regressive) while, in Japanese, it is one-sided (only progressive accommodation is observed). 2) At the practical level, consideration was given to positions of combinatorial changes in Russian and Japanese vowels depending on the hard-soft consonant environment as well as phonetic errors that Japanese students make when pronouncing sounds in these positions. In addition, the predicted accent of Japanese speaking Russian was confirmed. These findings may help in solving theoretical problems of general, specific, comparative linguistics and general phonetic interference problems as well as contribute to solving practical problems of overcoming a foreign (Japanese) accent by arranging educational materials in textbooks and developing effective methods for overcoming phonetic interference.

Keywords: comparative and typological analysis, phonetic interference, foreign accent, coarticulation of vowels, accommodation of vowels.

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