A. V. Radyuk, N. V. Poliakova
Friday 9 November 2018 by Libadmin2018


Modern international economic relations are characterized by instability and conflict character. Current events in British political, business and economic life make the nation identify itself in new global environment. The image of the country as a strong player on the international arena is powerful tool which aims to unite its citizens and form the consciousness of prosperity and economic development. This fact makes the verbal characteristics of identity formation in discourse a topical issue to study. The aim of the article is to single out communicative strategies which reflect linguistic identity on the pragmatic level. The authors define linguistic identity as a reflection of national identity in discourse. As discourse is a multidimensional phenomenon taking into account extralinguistic components of communication, we aimed to search linguistic means showing belonging of the speaker to geographical location, ethnic stereotypes of behaviour, historical background, confession, symbols of culture and other constituents of linguistic identity. The method of functional analysis was used. The article proposes a functional-pragmatic approach to the identification of verbal means, which testify to the linguistic identity of a particular nation. The definition of functions and purposes of using various lexical, grammatical, syntactic and stylistic means allows to identify markers that indicate the identification of a communicant with a particular group. The materials of the study included the statements of the British Prime Minister Theresa May and representatives of business and economic circles in 2016-2018. As a result of the analysis of practical material, it was possible to identify the following communicative strategies: creation of the image of strangers, solidarity, invocation. The authors come to the conclusion that British identity is a tool for managing the behavior and consciousness of representatives of business circles. Further directions of research can include development of methodology of linguistic analysis of markers of linguistic identity.

Keywords: British identity, national consciousness, discourse of identity, identity construction strategies, communicative tactics, speech influence

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