O. Borodkina, A. Amirkhanian
Thursday 8 November 2018 by Libadmin2018


Russia is a country with a high level of international migration. Due to the geographic location of the Far East, China and North Korea used to be the main donor countries for international migration, but in recent years, the international migration from CIS countries is developing. The present situation poses special challenges for the migration policy, including: the development of the labor market taking into account international migration, the reduction of social tension between the local population and international migrants, development of social integration of international migrants. The objective of the study was to identify factors that facilitate international migrants’ integration to a local labor market, medical care and cultural institutions of Far East or factors that make integration difficult, as well as practices used by migrants to overcome the barriers. The research is based on statistical data and published research data as well as on the results of original study. 12 interviews with the experts who are specialized in the field of migration policy and 5 focus groups with international migrants were conducted in the cities of Far East (Vladivostok, Nakhodka). The research results demonstrate that there are a lot of problems faced by international migrants on the Russian Far East. International migrants encounter barriers when they try to obtain the legal permissions for work, and they have a limited access to the medical care services. To overcome these barriers, migrants use a wide range of resources including services of intermediary firms specialized on working with migrants from the APEC countries as well as NGO services. The local population’s relationship to migrants is rather negative, since residents of the region associate many social problems with migrants. To reduce social risks related to labor migration and to enhance migrants’ social integration, a system of the organized recruitment of labor migrants in the countries of origin is needed for their employment in Far East. In addition, ethno-cultural and linguistic adaptation of international migrants is required. The social integration of international migrants leads both to the reductions of migrant problems and contributes to tolerant attitude of the local population towards migrants.

Keywords: international migration policy, health care, labor market, integration of migrants, Russian Far East

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