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Introduction. Legitimacy is a political and legal concept that means a positive attitude of the population to the existing institutions of state power. Society in the 21st century has become very multicultural, and in the context of the strongest economic globalization there is a clear division of people on racial, ethnic and gender grounds. It becomes more difficult to find a compromise among such a diversified society. In addition, globalization has led to closer international cooperation as the governments of several countries are in close collaboration in resolving global problems. At the same time, the actions of some international participants are often not accepted and legitimized by other members of international relations. We see the problem of internal and external legitimation of state power, that means the recognition of power by its own people on the one hand and recognition by the international community on the other. In this research we reveal the essence of modern political legitimacy in the internal and international affairs of states in the context of globalization.
Methods. The methodological basis of the research constitutes such general scientific methods as analysis and synthesis and special cognitive methods such as the formal-logical method and the method of comparative law.
Results. The analysis revealed that the process of globalization expands the content of the concept of legitimacy. Globalization brings legitimacy out the framework of the characteristics concerning only the internal affairs of the state to international affairs and external legitimacy. We have to specify criteria for recognition of the state’s activity by the international community.
Conclusions. The article substantiates the author’s opinion that the concept of legitimacy requires a more detailed study of its content by the state-legal and all political sciences, as this phenomenon is an important tool in the implementation of state and international policy and the spread of democracy.

Keywords: Political legitimacy, state powe

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