A. V. Starshinova, S. N. Pankova, E. B. Arkhipova, R. A. Chechulin
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Prospects for the development of social education in Russia are considered. Factors are formed under the influence of the development of Western experience and trends; specificity of domestic practice of social institutions. Education as a social institution has a social leading character. We need to use new approaches, innovations in social problems solving. The aim of the study is to determine the prospects for the development of education in the sphere of social work.
In the research, based on questionnaires and interviews of students, specialists, managers and researchers in the field of social work, we identified the expectations of students, specialists and analyzed the public and scientific discussion about the prospects for the development of education. (Ekaterinburg, Russia).
The most important expectations of students and specialists are similar: education in the field of social work should be associated with the practice of social work in the context of national specifics. Students and specialists need more practical knowledge focused on national specifics. Students believe that education should be less theoretical and more practical. The most important motivation for students to learn: practical knowledge and skills for future work; receive a qualification; develop their abilities. Specialists want to learn: the law; psychology; practical methods of work; management; theory and technology of social work. They prefer professional development courses; trainings; professional communication. Students need more specific knowledge for practice, management, psychology.
We can use the results of research to justify the model of education, the form and methods of education in the social sphere. Forms and methods of teaching should motivate, attract students to the profession and improve the creative skills. The connection between individual and practical needs can be achieved as a result of the improvement of the students’ personal potential. The innovative role of education in the study is associated with the development of subjective qualities of the individual, future professionals in the sphere of social work.
The strategy of education, which develops of social well-being, is implemented through the development of creativity of the individual and groups, innovative approaches. It builds the perspectives for the development of practice; constructs a social space that involves professionals, the public and is accordingly ready to develop appropriate educational technologies.

Keywords: social work education, social well-being, social leadership, innovation, social construction.

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