D. E. Tofolean, E. Dantes, A. P. Fildan, I. Uluiteanu, R. Nemes
Friday 9 November 2018 by Libadmin2018


Background. Any chronic disease or disorder has a psychological burden on patients. Almost a third of asthmatics are psychologically distressed. The aim of the study was to evaluate the relationship between the quality of life and the scores of depression and anxiety among inpatients with occupational asthma. Study design. A cross-sectional study of prevalence was performed among patients admitted in hospital with diagnosis of occupational asthma. Material and methods. In addition to the usual clinical and lung function evaluation of asthmatics, all cases with occupational exposure were questioned about quality of life, by Saint George Questionnaire (SGQ), anxiety and depression, using Hospital Anxiety Depression Scale (HADS). The primary outcome was to assess the psychological impact of this disease on the quality of life. Results. A high prevalence of both depression and anxiety (48%), with a high correlation coefficient between SGQ and HADS scores (R = 0.81, p <0.0001) was observed among 25 inpatients with occupational asthma, mostly males (n=15; 60%), mean aged 51.8 year-old. The mean value of SGQ activity score was 56.5, of depression score was 6.64, and, for anxiety, the mean value of scores was 7.16. SGQ anxiety score correlated with the symptom score (R= 0.54, p <0.05) and the depression score, negative correlated with the severity of airway obstruction, based on the reduction of the Forced Expiratory Volume in the first second (FEV1) (R= - 0.42, p <0.05). It was a significant relation between depression and anxiety scores, between the symptoms and activity scores of SGQ. Bronchial obstruction, evaluated by the FEV1 reduction below 80%, was related only to the depression score. Conclusion. Among inpatients with mild and moderate forms of occupational asthma, the psychological impact determined by both anxiety and depression is high, inducing a poor quality of life.

Keywords: occupational asthma, anxiety, depression

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