D. Bugrov, A. Safronov, M. Ilyushkina
Friday 9 November 2018 by Libadmin2018


Intercity bus communication is the most important component of local transportation in the Russian Federation. Over the past twenty years its importance in providing passenger transportation has increased immensely. The reason for this is the degradation of other means of transport and related infrastructure. Since 1990 the number of airports in Russia has decreased more than fourfold: from 1450 to 315, most of the closed airports served local transportation. Suburban rail service is unprofitable in most regions, the railway operator massively reduces the number of local trains. It can be confidently asserted that in the last quarter of a century long-distance bus service provided interregional interconnection in the Russian Federation. To date, significant progress has been made in organizing sales of electronic tickets for buses, both in terms of regulatory support for this process, and in the interaction between bus stations, carriers and IT integrators in promoting e-tickets. The bus transportation market in Russia is a fast-growing sector of the economy with a volume of 60 billion rubles per year, annually this type of transport is used by about 100 million people. As the main problems of today and tasks for the near future, the authors note: Creation of a system for encoding bus stations and stop points, following the example of aviation three-letter IATA codes. This innovation will dramatically simplify the design and operation of information systems for the distribution of electronic bus tickets. The variety of IT-platforms that automate the sale of tickets at bus stations largely hampers the implementation of unified e-ticketing standards. It should be expected that in the near future 2-3 strong GDS-products will be created, with open interfaces that will displace small players from this market.

Keywords: e-ticketing, intercity bus, GDS, Russia

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