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The aim of the study is to capture the relationship between the revival of a region and the space that the human inhabits. Owing to unlimited computing power and broad access to information, anyone can make many decisions in a short time. With many communication channels and automation of activities, these decisions will be passed on without any human intervention. The internet enables long-distance communication; we can study and learn from the best even with a limited budget. With internet, running e-commerce, managing extensive accounting with a small amount of work and making many transactions with a few mouse clicks is all made possible without leaving one’s office, home, or even one’s bed. As a result, what emerges is personalities who are searching for favourable places to act. The quality of human decisions depends on the environment in which they are located. Architecture influences our emotions, stabilizes our moods and fulfils our needs. It is a place where our energy accumulates and reverberates in the form of works, products and new ideas for services. We are what we indwell. Architect-made scenarios of moving around buildings and the city force us to behave in a specific way. That, which is already built has been shaped for many generations. One wishes for the opportunity for a new world to be created each time a new life is born, a word ideally suited to a given era. Architecture would be a note taken from human behaviour. Our predecessors had a big influence on the character of where we live now. One should come up with tools that verify the quality and usefulness of buildings, as they are the place where a person grows up, matures, studies, works, makes decisions, lives and seeks a better life. These are the places to which the man travels, from which he migrates, to which he feels attached. A region becomes great when it is at the disposal of the human. Architecture should always be new, lest it’s only a system. The architect must take into account the fact that he devotes himself to the client’s needs; he cannot expect everyone to be pleased. After all, it is the client who will dwell in his project. Only the client’s strong personality, created by the project, deserves an award for the architect. The society will be able to reward the architect for helping to create a strong personality. It is the building that will last and create strong personalities. The main goal of architecture is to increase human value while alive, and not posthumous commemoration. We want architecture to build better personalities who build better companies, which provide better services to humanity. Let’s not design pyramids that exalt death over life. Pure architecture would create a space, which generates a creative atmosphere that helps to make desirable habits in a given era. Habits that will enable a person to act efficiently and worthfully. The social function of great architects is constantly renewing customs, preventing bad habits.

Keywords: architecture, individuality, dwelling, freespace, movement scenario

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