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Commerce at large format facilities is a creation whose genetic analysis covers areas of many fields. It is impossible to miss the amount of emotions as well as changes it causes which must be a result of some influential phenomenon. This influence constitutes a source of knowledge on the architecture of modern stores. Thus, the phenomenological approach to the problem of space for commerce that rejects historical facts and all warning information does not allow to gather sufficient data for real and useful conclusions. The fact is that the newly created organismexists regardless of whether it has been noticed as a product of new work organization, a development of production means, or as a new function. Engineering innovations of the 19thcentury have enforced the creation of new esthetics and it is easy to demonstrate the relation connecting new works with new technological advances. It regards a form. The novelty of shopping centers, generally, concerns organizing life in order to exchange goods. This important human activity used to be a reason to build cities in the first place. This work covers the consumption that is narrowed to city malls that are designed individually for a particular location within the city limits. The comparative analysis method has been adopted to examine layouts of malls with their different functionality and influence on the urban planning. Large shopping facilities satisfy the expectations of consumers in a more effective way than the previous types of stores. One should assume that this process is inevitable and dynamically progressing. Those facilities and their sizes affect the shape of the whole urban blocks and its transportation solutions. Outside the city centers, hypermarkets influence the natural landscape with their enormous parking lots. Also, the architecture of large format commerce facilities seems to be significant because of its great importance to shaping the community tastes and taking the lead in creating the centers in the city. It has become one of the most visible signs of the growing prominence of economy over our culture and the functional-spatial phenomenonthat has not engendered a new form.

Keywords: shopping mall, shopping center, large-format retail, shopping facility, commerce

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