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We got already used to the fact that adapted industrial architecture is a reliable architectural setting for a museum or a cultural centre. Former industrial objects have the ability to provide expected architectural expression/expressiveness together with optimal functionality. The characteristic schematic profile of a factory as well as museum of art - saw-tooth roof signifies a part of genetics the mentioned types of buildings have in common. It is a large and variable space with optimal natural lighting. However, what is the situation of former military objects and areas? Do they have a potential comparable to industrial architecture? Military estates can represent an ideal donor of a spatial setting for cultural centre or a museum indeed. The fact that we are not handling with a new tendency will be demonstrated on three case studies and one example of military complex adaptation design concept. The first example is represented by a project of sculptor Donald Judd in Marfa in Texas. It begun to rise already in the 70-ties of the 20th century. The second example is the area Hombroich in Germany which begun to develop some time later and it has been systematically evolved since then until nowadays. In both cases we can see generous or even landscape-like defined areas based on their character. The third example – Kulturpark Košice was realized in 2013 within the European Capital of Culture – Košice 2013 event. It represents a different point of view to this problematic. Not only has the komplex and the adapted former military objects a different dating but above all by its urban context in which it exists. The fourth example – design concept of Hurban Barracks adaptation represents the author’s ideal vision of a former military complex adaptation. The design was created based on knowledge of realizations, study of the area possibilities, location, genius loci ant city needs and introduces a profound intervention into the city structure. These examples of successful conversions and a design concept show on one hand the potential of former military objects or areas which lost their former use; on the other hand these projects represent an inspirational perspective of how these often forgotten or even seemingly dead buildings and areas can revive again.

Keywords: Army Building, Cultural Centre, Museum, Adaptation, Conversion

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