A. Jianu, C. Povian
Friday 9 November 2018 by Libadmin2018


From the earliest times, the man tried to find ways to reduce the stress level and to find ways to relax physical, mental and spiritual. The sauna is one of most renowned method for its healing properties. There are many types of saunas, the most known are the finnish traditional sauna and the infrared sauna; the last one, because of the technology used, is the most up to date. A new concept appeared few years ago in the infrared saunas domain, and that is the usage of a chromotherapy during the sesion. The infrared radiation and the colour bring benefits to the human body, but also to the psyche influencing the emotions and the state of mind. This procedure is used against different diseases of the human internal body system. This research proposes a study on the evolution of saunas over the years, the results, the study of certain examples, the analysis of a new type of sauna (infrared with chromotherapy) and suggests saunas that will use more of the human senses (olfactory and auditory) to induce a state of well being to the users.

Keywords: sauna, relaxation, healing, chromoteraphy, innovation, design

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