K. Israfilzade, L. Pileliene
Friday 9 November 2018 by Libadmin2018


With the advancement of the Internet, the rise of the Big-data, rapid evolution of the computer science, huge progression in robotics and programming caused the development of the Artificial Intelligence, which leads it to deal with complex issues and task. Further, this technology seems to be able to generate contents as different as music, poems, paintings, movie or news scripts, jokes along with creative problem-solving. However, can machines create paintings or produce images as an art? Firstly, this paper briefly reviews three main types of creativity that involve different methods of creating new ideas for the creative machine. The paper continues by highlighting the literature on computational creativity and the relation between art and creative machines that already made outputs as an art in order to make conceptual connections between creative machine and paintings. Paper concludes with some remarks concerning the creative, aesthetic and authentic assessment of contents created by creative machines.

Keywords: Machine-generated content, Computational creativity, Creative machines, Creativity, Artificial Intelligence

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