I. Gal Drzewiecka
Friday 9 November 2018 by Libadmin2018


In the paper I present the Slovak illustrator Miroslav Cipár. His artistic creation is famous and appreciated at home as well as abroad. Cipár’s works of art, thanks to their fine-art properties, go beyond home as well as beyond European fine-art traditions. In his works of art there are mixed motives from Slovak folklore art and non-European fine-art cultures, which he became acquainted with during his professional internships in several world-wide destinations. Typical features of Cipár’s fine-art expression are outlined – carefully defined contours, cross linking of drawing structures and ornamentality. Their sources can be found mainly in artistic-handicraft production from his native region (particularly in stitching with wire). I focus in more detail on three main areas of Cipár’s artistic production – book illustration, graphic design and painting. In outlined review of his illustrations in books I point out to genre diversity of illustrated literary texts (folk fairy-tales, legends, modern literary texts for children and youth, Slovak translations of world-wide famous literary works) in relation with wide span of his expressive properties in the illustrations (caricature, fantasy, decorativeness, picturesqueness, lyrics, symbolism and other). Further I point out to the organic connection between Cipár’s work as an illustrator and as a designer (graphic design of books and magazines, poster creation, logos). In the conclusion I focus on his later artistic production, in which he is devoted to large format painting experiments. The goal of the paper is to reflect on the meaning of Cipár’s works of art in the context of Slovak fine-art.

Keywords: Miroslav Cipár, illustration, graphic design, painting

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