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Describing the Mozart style, the Austrian conductor-authenticator Nikolaus Harnoncourt compared his music with a mirror, which reflects the most bitter conflicts of humanity, while remaining unresolved. According to the conductor, the strength of the moral impact of Mozart’s music is due to the transfer in his works of genuine multifaceted human characters, which provided the problems presented in them, where the issues of opposition to good and evil occupy one of the leading places, acute relevance in the conditions of modern reality. The purpose of this study is to generalize the categories of moral education in the music of past ages in terms of their significance for the formation of the moral image of modern people. The tasks of the research include the analysis of the N. Harnoncourt performance interpretation, based on an accurate reading of the author’s text and revealing the deep meanings of moral values presented in the operas by V. Mozart, which have an enduring significance for the human culture of the XXIst century. This study was carried out on the materials of the creative work of Austrian conductor N. Harnoncourt. We have reviewed the performances of W. Mozart performed under his direction: "La Clemenza di Tito" (Zurich, 1994, Salzburg, 2003), "Cosi fan tutte" (Zurich, 2001), "Don Juan" (Zurich, 2002), "Magic flute "(Zurich, 2007)," Idomeneus, King of Crete, or Elijah and Idamant "(Graz, 2008). The works of an outstanding conductor were also used, representing the theoretical justification for their own concept of performing style. The study was conducted using methods of art criticism, philosophy and art history, the comparative method. The moral problems presented in Mozart’s productions directed by N. Harnoncourt are acute and relevant, filled with the living breath of modern life. This authentic approach to interpretation, based on the convergence of verbal and musical utterance, allows us to generalize the content of moral values and to reveal in them the laws of a higher order that are beyond the influence of time and expand the horizons of ideas about the essence of human consciousness.

Keywords: music, Harnoncourt, conductor, opera, Mozart

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