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Gold is one of the most desirable raw materials in the world. Mainly because of the unique aesthetic features. But it also has other advantages that can be useful in architecture, as evidenced by buildings in which it was used. The outer layer of the facade made of gold flakes or sheet provides not only exceptional reflections, shine and prestige but also guarantees high resistance to weather conditions. The main goal of the research is to present the possibilities of shaping the aesthetics of façades of architectural objects using gold or materials (technologies) that allow to effectively imitate the properties of this precious ore. The methodology used in the conducted research is limited to the analysis of selected cases of modern architecture in which were applied solutions that provide a gilding effect - covering the façade with golden elements. The analysis deals with such issues as the motivation for design decisions, the construction techniques used, materials, the way of their composition and use, the impact of the object on the environment and surroundings. The conducted research is based on photographic documentation of buildings, statements of designers and investors as well as papers in the field of architecture and related design arts. As a result of the research, it was possible to gather information on the motivations that designers use when applying gold on facades. The technologies currently available for effective imitation of gold on the façades of buildings have also been described and an analysis of the impact of a building with gold façades on the immediate surroundings has been made.

Keywords: gold, façade, contemporary architecture, golden cladding, modern technologies

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