M. Baldea, A. Maier
Friday 9 November 2018 by Libadmin2018


This study aims to identify new patterns that occurred in multi-family high-density housing of urban areas in Romania, and to analyze local trends in comparison with European trends. The paper explores historical housing policies, their relation to European trends, and current housing policies as well as new types of multi-family housing built in the last decade in Romania. The main concern was to research the manifestation of new architectural patterns in multifamily residential buildings in Romania and to verify the compatibility between Romanian emerging housing typologies and those already existing in Europe, as well as the possibility that those models could become perpetuated in the future in order to generate quality living environments. The initial supposition is that these examples of architecture have a range of distinct qualities, they represent living environments of higher quality, which makes them desirable compared to standardized multifamily housing. Compared with European residential models, the emerging patterns of multifamily housing in Romania have a similar manifestation, but don’t coincide completely. The new patterns of housing manifest themselves in a much smaller proportion in the local residential field, as compared to their occurrence in the European realm. The examples of the new type of residential architecture represent isolated events in the local market, being concentrated in the capital city and being the result of positive collaborations between architects, builders and developers. In order for these models to be implemented on a wider scale in the future, a convergence of several factors aimed to support the new architecture is necessary.

Keywords: emerging housing typologies, multifamily housing, housing policies, daylighting, Romania

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