P. Amalowicz
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Buildings for the performing arts have been built since ancient times. The primary rules for designing the auditorium and the stage have not changed to date. Contemporary buildings for the performing arts are distinguished primarily by the functional adaptability of the auditorium, the stage and support facilities (public spaces). Modern buildings for the performing arts may have, in many cases, flexible auditorium and stage arrangements and also multi-purpose public spaces. Multiple-use of such buildings is associated with adequate design of those facilities and also with such solutions which can enable optimal conditions for different types of productions. Each of the alternative uses will require specific provisions to be made in its design and equipment. A concert hall has a different interior layout and different acoustics from a drama theatre hall. It is not easy to create suitable conditions for different forms of stage presentations within a single structure. An optimisation in the case of buildings for performing arts concerns many aspects of improving their facilities and their functional comfort. This can be restricted to the technical matters only, for instance, related to the acoustics in a concert hall or a drama theatre. In some cases main functions of such buildings can be modified. Auditorium and stage arrangements may require physical adaptation. The paper discusses functional and spatial adaptability and flexibility of interior design and their impact on the optimum functioning of performance spaces. The paper also presents multi-use and multi-format facilities which can be used in theatres/concert halls, etc. An author is trying to prove that increasing of flexibility in buildings for the performing arts, which can be achieved during their renewal, affects the optimisation of their use.

Keywords: buildings for the performing arts, functional adaptability, multiple-use

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