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Despite the currently prevailing stylistic pluralism, one can also find such creators in contemporary architecture who are able to both use the legacy of modernist thought and combine it with the universal values and rules constituting the essence of architecture that were established already in antiquity. The Vitruvian triad pointed to the solidity, utility and beauty of architecture. This universal set of features and their interrelationship can be noticed in the works of many contemporary architects. The design and construction achievements that stand out among them are the works by the Japanese Tadao Ando that seem to emulate the impeccable order and balance between the components of the Vitruvian triad. This is noticeable in spite of the fact that today’s architecture has undergone drastic changes and redefinition in the pursuit of the desire for even a temporary presence in the media coverage, most often due to the original, expressive, deconstructed form. Against this background, Ando’s buildings look uniquely static, emanating tranquillity and introverted interior atmosphere, giving a sense of respite from everyday life. The study aims to indicate the essential architectural features characteristic of Ando’s work in the context of traditional values based on the Vitruvian triad – i.e. the interrelationship between solidity, utility and beauty (attractiveness) of the building. The study methodology is based on the analysis of Ando’s design and construction achievements, as well as on numerous opinions voiced by creative circles and contemporary architecture critics. The findings presented in the following paper allow one to perceive Ando’s works not only in terms of the logic of shaping space and form with the minimal amount of material means of expression, but also in the transcendent approach – entering the sphere of abstract spirituality conducive to contemplation, and also with reference to the impressions and emotions accompanying one’s perception of this architecture that are the source of the architectural essence of a timeless work.

Keywords: Tadao Ando, concrete architecture, contemporary Japanese architecture, Vitruvian features of architecture

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