I. Rudzite, S. Kukle, G. Zommere
Friday 9 November 2018 by Libadmin2018


By studying various sources of information about nowadays jewelry, such as published materials, websites, catalogs, exhibitions, salon collections, a digital system for collecting, selecting, analyzing Latvian jewelry design was created. Within the framework of the scientific paper, several aspects of the design of the jewelry from the point of view of the system are considered, such as the author, the pictures, the details about the jewelry, the look of the jewelry, the materials, the technologies used. The information gathered in the database is also supplemented with specific examples of jewelry. For each of the above positions in the database, the data are accumulated, subdivided into several subgroups, giving the possibility to select and use a specific position for research. The study was conducted using the field study method. The database contains data for the last 13 years. In the period until June 17, 2018, classified information about 857 Latvian jewelry photos was accumulated in the database and 123 authors have created jewelry. It also describes the software used to build the system and analyzes the system’s convenience from the system user’s point of view. Data storage, compilation and use do not require special software, the system is usable in the Internet using widely available Internet browsers. The paper gives an assessment that the system created allows to look at the jewelry design in a much broader sense. For example, by looking at educational institutions in which the authors have studied the education system in a specific area can be analyzed or by studying, for example, the materials used in the jewelry we can also speak about the nature conservation issues of the planet.

Keywords: jewelry, design, database

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