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The study "Art of Confession in «The Art of Conversation» by Ileana Vulpescu" is an application in Literature & Poetry, Romanian Literary Portraits field and women`s psychology in particular. For a writer, reality is important as a source of inspiration, but the most important aspect is the human investment the writer does in his work. Sanziana Hangan is a hypostasis of the writer who protests by writing against the communist obsessive decade. It analyses female feminine psychology during the existent communist period, radiographed by the confession of writer Ileana Vulpescu and her novel "The Art of Conversation". The study envisages two directions: 1. The art of living - in the vision of Ileana Vulpescu; 2. The art of conversation in the art of confession. In the first part, by analysing the radiophone interviews, it’s easy to highlight the creative and soul potential of the writer. In the second part, through the method of literary analysis, we investigate the psychology of the main character achieved by the technique of the inner monologue as it appears from the subtext of the novel. The study manages to draw a portrait of the woman, but also a chronicle of a historical period. The reported facts suffer in the novel a loss of gravity by accentuating the anecdotal character of narrated events. In conclusion, the written text expresses a point of view on the world, which it communicates to others. For Ileana, "the word" is, in general, the key and substance of creation. Thus, the novel "The Art of Conversation" is in fact the art of confession of a Woman in front of individual destiny, in the face of collective destiny and in the face of abuse.

Keywords: the art of conversation, the art of writing, art of the confession, art of telling.

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