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Today we live in complexity and uncertainty about our future; the technological advancement is changing the role of human and decay the disciplines, we are living the rise of the leisure and post-work society. Therefore there is a growing need to find new ways of living and working. In the latest research, different scholars have described a series of advanced thinking principles (e.g., Design Thinking; Future Thinking) which ought to be the ones that enable people to activate themselves on creating today’s-fit solutions and meeting the changes.
The purpose of this research is (i) to give a short review on the future thinking principles as they are identified in the literature and (ii) analyze which characteristics of experience on D-culture influence non-designers to induce these future thinking principles. The qualitative methodology approach was applied to conduct the research. Literature review combined with a series of semi-structured interviews with non-designer participants of the experimental design cultural project DesignLibrary Kaunas (DLK) held in Lithuania (non-designer country) were conducted in order to understand which kind of activities within the project had the most significant effect in influencing the change in participants traditional discipline thinking towards future thinking principles.
The significant findings show that the following activities have the most significant effect on non-designers thinking: (i) live interaction with designers; (ii) storytelling on design; (iii) observing and discussing design artifacts; (vi) staying in design-intensive environments.
The findings of the research highlight the importance of the tangible experience on design and should contribute to understanding what kind of actions applies in fostering non-designer ability to develop future-focused thinking, therefore improve the ability to address the future changes.

Keywords: Future Thinking, Design Thinking, Design Culture, Design Experience, Non-designers

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