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The author studies in this article influence of digital media on changes in present-day culture. He bases his view on the concept of technological determinism (H. Innis, M. McLuhan, J. Lohisse, L. A. White and others), which says that technology, largely represented by media, changes and determines the main path of evolution in culture. J. Lohisse believes that forms of media (such as spoken word, printed word or the Internet) have a great impact on shaping collective mentality (culture) and organisation of society. Lohisse sees media as the primary element in the triangle of relations: media – collective mentality – organisation of society because they initiate changes in both culture and society. Man, with his cognitive abilities and capacity, is the link between media and culture. The author’s assumption is that if man wants to use new sorts of media, he needs to be able to change his cognitive abilities accordingly. As a result, we have a causal diagram: media – cognitive changes – changes in culture. The author believes that in order to recognize changes in present-day culture, we need to be aware of the distinguishing features of new digital media. The author presumes that new digital media, characterised for example by digital code, net-like connection of representations or dominance of images, will promote changes towards associationistic thinking, preference of images, marginalization of the idea of time, language reduction and so on. The goal of this text is to define the basic structure (most important features) of digital media and consequently determine changes initiated in cognitive abilities of man and therefore also in culture. This goal also includes definition of positive and negative effects brought by these changes. To fulfil this goal, the author will use qualitative methods, especially phenomenological and hermeneutic method.

Keywords: media, digital media, cognitive function and abilities, culture

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