S. Simakova, I. Topchii
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Pursuing the goal, which is to examine the influence of information visualization trend that prevails in the modern culture on the existing mediasphere and transformation processes that have been unwinding in the mass communications and mass information domain over the past several decades, as well as to define the vectors of this influence, its features that transform the content of today’s mass media, their format, genre and typology properties and methods of interaction with the media consumer, the authors of this research point out that the mediashpere undergoes a drastic transformation under the influence of visual culture. Visual content takes the lead, winning over the verbal content or changing its functions and purport.
The authors suggest a classification of visual content in media materials. They stress that the existing, traditional classification should be expanded, bearing in mind the diversity of visual content distributed online. The researchers recommend focusing on the extensive classifications of visual content developed for practical application by the analysts and business community members in the form of sorted lists of visual content elements. Attention is drawn to the fact that recent years have seen rapid growth of different types of dynamic content, including gif-animation, flash-animation, interactive infographics, etc. The authors suggest that different elements of a publisher’s house style (including logos, fonts, color schemes, design solutions, etc.) should be considered along with the examined visual aids used on the Internet.
Looking into the specifics of using the means of content visualization in mass media, the authors formulate recommendations for media experts: relevance of visual content verification, prompt publication, ability to organize adequate dialog with the audience if the content is ambiguous, and ability to handle the mood of panic and not give in to such mood.

Keywords: visual culture, media landscape, visual content, classification of visual content, information visualization

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