O. Larouk, M. V. Garanovich
Friday 9 November 2018 by Libadmin2018


The documents and data used by scientists to "do research" have become digital and the exchanges of these have accelerated since the invention of the web. Accessing, distributing and sharing via the web is today at the heart of the practices of scientists and students. At the beginning, the web was the support and the vector of the diffusion of the documents and remained at the bottom of the documentary databases, in more or less closed systems. The information is interlinked by hypertext or hypermedia relationships that are interdependent on each other. This "interoperability" between documents and users is linked to metadata, which are the link between the formal needs of users and information systems.
In this article, we present the types of metadata and their uses in web portals and library catalogs, unifying sites, etc. We will try to highlight the semantic scope related to the type of metadata to improve the retrieval of federated information. The digital libraries available today are very different in their initial objectives and in their achievements. The integration mode and the development are oriented towards interfaces taking into account the descriptive metadata. It is a descriptive function used by digital libraries to optimize the reliability of bibliographic fields. This description must comply with quality control standards using standardized "business" metadata such as: -ISBD, MARC, MARC21, Bib1 (Z39’50), DC, MARC-XML, EAD, TEI, FRBR, etc.-. It has established itself in the specifications of digital libraries, to ensure a better use of the content. Standards for business-oriented metadata are being developed to optimize user access to digital resources. We will present some possible formats for minimalist standardization for access to digital portals and library portals.

Keywords: Metadata, Web data, Meta-information, Information retrieval, Multilingual information, Variety of metadata.

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