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Topicality. There are many philosophical theories from Descartes to Lacan that constitutes the basis of the contemporary understanding the subjective identity.
Aim: to reconstruct the link between well-known Deleuzian concept of human being and transindividual philosophy presented by Simondon and its philosophical context.
Discussion: The historical and philosophical destiny of the ideas of Gilbert Simondon is perhaps one of the most visible examples of post-mortem growth of the influence of the philosophy of some authors. One of the theses of Gilbert Simondon (1924-1989), written under the guidance of Georges Сanguillem, "the way of existence of art objects" (1958) changed the idea of a live – primarily mental and technical. His concept of individuation presented later, in the 60s, formed a new transindividual ontology and influenced the philosophy of Gilles Deleuze. Nomadic subject and machinery are presented in Deleuze’s philosophy as a key to the new way to deal with all eternal philosophical questions. However, recent French philosophy recognized the role of the ideas of Gilbert Simondon only after his death, in the 90-ies. The ideas of Gilbert Simondon and then, of Gilles Deleuze - on culture and technology are based on the multifaceted tradition of French philosophy: Gaston Bashlar, Henri Bergson, Jacques Laffite and others. This “nomadic” or/and “transindividual” philosophy is an example of a specifically "French" rethinking of the ideas of German classical and post-classical philosophy.
Method: Historical reconstruction and comparative study of Deleuzian and Simondonian thought in the perspective of national philosophy.
Results: development of understanding of contemporary Deleuzian philosophy as well as philosophical theories of subjectivity.
The establishment a correlation between Deleuzian philosophy and Simodon’s concepts of Psychological gives us sufficient ground for some conclusions. This conclusion is of critical importance Gilbert Simondon’s works - especially in the context of Deleuze’s philosophy. This is the subject of a special study and intellectual source for a number of contemporary philosophers in France, such as, for example, Bernard Stiegler, Etienne Balibar.

Keywords: contemporary philosophy, philosophy in France, subjectivity, transindividual ontology, Deleuze, Simondon.

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