J. Betta, L. Boronina
Friday 9 November 2018 by Libadmin2018


A conceptual paper is presented, which subject is time, one of the most used and useful phenomenon for humanity. Paradoxically, it is also one of the most mysterious, unknown and controversial object of research in many domains of science, as well as philosophy and theology. Such situation confirms very sophisticated and uncertain nature of time. By inspiration of diversity of time approaches in main sciences, the enrichment of time management in projects is proposed, through more flexible approach to the time nature. The authors put three hypothesis, listed in the Introduction, dealing with a new approach to the time management in the frame of project management. These hypothesis are confirmed as a result of several steps. First, the state of art on time perception, definitions and nature was done, covering philosophical, theological, natural, human and management sciences. This overview shows clearly a very complicated character of such entity, like time. It shows also some lack of time’s deep interest by the management science. With more and more complex nature of projects, different methodologies have been appearing, with a development of some specific approaches to time management proposed, but are never applied altogether for interdisciplinary or innovative projects. It leads to define three objectives:
1. demonstrate a sophisticated nature of time in project management,
2. justify the necessity of multiple criteria of time management in project,
3. work out a proposal of multi-criterial time management sub-system, as a part of project management system.

Keywords: time, project management, Agile time management, diversity, multi-criterial time management.

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