S. Kavan, S. Mudrochova
Friday 9 November 2018 by Libadmin2018


The aim of the contribution is to acquaint readers with the development of new training methods for fire brigade members and their application within the “Training Simulator for Type Activities” project. This applied research has helped to create a special software tool for the training of fire brigades. Thematically, this project focused on the area of regular special preparation of fire brigades in response to selected emergencies when the joint action of Integrated Rescue System services is necessary – so-called Type Activities. The method of abstraction and analogy enabled the processing of the knowledge acquired and its preparation for implementation into required outputs. Fire brigades are one of the basic components in resolving emergencies in the Czech Republic and it essential to have available quality special training for their timely and effective intervention. Type Activities are one of the areas that must be managed by fire brigades; they focus specifically on preparation and management of less frequent or more complicated emergencies, i.e. emergencies with a large number of casualties or during intervention when dangerous substances are present or a large area is endangered. Within the research, several Type Activities were identified and were processed using modern technologies into their final form which enabled development of a modern software tool. Their selection followed a thorough examination of the current and future situation in the scope of Type Activities. The software application of the simulator was carried out by the method of functional and program analysis which immediately reacted to the actual needs of this type of training in this area. The resulting tool improves the efficiency of the security system by targeted efficient training of members of the fire brigade.

Keywords: Type Activity; Fire Brigades; Education; Emergency; Integrated Rescue System

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