I. Kirsh, O. Bannikova, O. Beznaeva, D. Udavliev
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At present, the packaging is the seller of the goods. In many cases, the quality of goods and packaging design should be interrelated, because the overestimated design and the average quality of the goods are not compatible. This can lead to a failure in the introduction of the product to the market. Overabundance of goods and packages made consumers of products "capricious buyers." In a store, a buyer more often buys a product known to him and there is an ever smaller percentage of buyers who buy a new product, little known to them. It becomes more difficult to attract the buyer by the goods and to select it from the range of analogues. In this case very original solutions in the design of packaging are necessary. For example, you can use materials of "tactile feeling" in the packaging, the original combination of background and picture, show the design of the "farm product", etc. Most large food industry enterprises pay much attention to these issues. In Moscow State University of Food Production in preparation of bachelors in the field of "Technology of printing and packaging production" much attention is paid to the development of packaging. Beginning with the first year, a student is taught such disciplines as polygraphy, design of packaging, styles and the graphics, marketing. From the third year students carry out design projects for packaging of various products. It is offered to the student to continue the most interesting work and create, for example, all series of packages. Students can perform the final work on the design of packaging with the subsequent implementation to the enterprise. In this case, the student conducts marketing research, determines the quality of the product in comparison with its analogues. On the development stage the student makes several variants of packages and selects a perspective variant according to the analysis and the "consumer trend", which depends on the psychological state of the consumer. Enterprises are interested in students’ works, because the student has new ideas, easily combines incompatible, etc. The aim of the work is the analysis of the completed design projects according to the criteria for determining the most promising works in order to introduce them to enterprises and recommend them for the participation in the international competition. The design projects developed by the students of the 3 and 4 courses of the direction "technology of printing and packaging production “ were selected as objects of the study. To assess the work, the following criteria were defined: marketing research,segmentation of the market to identify consumers of products, evaluation of the graphic packaging design, originality of the packaging design, manufacturability. Statistical methods and software means of analysis were used for the data processing. As a result of the work, promising students’ design projects were selected, which were recommended for the participation in the international competition "Clockwork Orange" and for the introduction to enterprises. The work shows the projects that enterprises use without changes and with adjustments. This made it possible to bring a new product to the market more successfully, or re-brand the existing packaging.

Keywords: students’ projects, design, packaging, competition

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