M. Ionova, S. Balyaev, N. Rezepova, E. Lapteva
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The article examines the characteristics of behavior in a conflict of students of various nationality backgrounds. The research goal is to reveal potential possibility of students’ conflict prevention in a multinational institution. The research objective is to elicit specific conflict behavior types adhered to the students of different nationalities. The article represents the results of an empirical study of the characteristics of behavior in the conflict of the students. The two nationalities that were viewed as tested ones were the Russians and the Mordovians accordingly. The research was carried out in 2017 on the basis of the National Research Mordovia State University named after N.P. Ogarev. The sample group consisted of 80 students, studying at different courses and majors. Half of them (40 people) were Russian (group A), half (40 people) wereMordovian (group B). To measure a flair for behaviour type of a student the authors applied a questionnaire by K. Tomas “Behaviour Style in a Conflict”, "Techniques for Diagnosing Communicative and Organizational Flairs" (KOS-2) and "Test for Self-monitoring in Communication" elaborated by M. Snyder. The set of methods being used, it allowed to infer that the Russian students mostly prefer “compromise” and “cooperation” behaviour type, while the Mordovian students tend to be prone to “rivalry” and “adaptation” behaviour type. It is established that the students identifying themselves as Russian are characterized by higher rates of communicative disposition, whereas Mordovian students can be featured as having a more distinctive communicative control. The authors concluded that considering the ethnopsychological characteristics of students representing different nationalities can ensure the prevention of many interethnic conflicts in a higher educational institution. The authors of the research paper come up with a statement on the viability of preventive measures against conflict behaviour among the students in a polyethnic university. Recommendations on enhancement of students’ communicative skills and constructive conflict solutions applicable for the representatives of different nationalities were given.

Keywords: style of conflict behaviour, communicative control, prevention of conflict behaviour, constructive conflict solution.

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