O. M. Kiseleva, I. V. Gareski, L. N. Fedoseeva, O. T. Ergunova
Friday 9 November 2018 by Libadmin2018


Background – Rapid development of interdisciplinary academic connections highlights the importance of written communication. The necessity of the latest data sharing, on the one hand, the scientific achievements promoting, on the other hand, make an ability of health care professionals to written speech activity salient.
Materials and Methods – The study is aimed at professional written speech activity of health care professionals. Quantative and statistical methods were used. The progress of respondents was being evaluated during two terms. The authors suggest developing skills in written speech activity by means of gradual compression of articles selected from medical journals as one of the efficient techniques. In this paper, writing is considered as independent form of speech activity.
Results – After two terms of teaching health care professionals to write a summary they significantly improved their ability for compressing medical texts.
Conclusion – written speech activity develops the process of recoding and thoughts expression from a native language into a foreign one. By learning to write a summary, health-care professionals acquire the skills necessary to perform specific operations of altering original texts such as: compression, transformation, paraphrasing. Teaching to summary writing helps to understand the structure of various text types that may come across in professional communication.

Keywords: written speech activity, a summary, a foreign language, health care professionals.

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