Publication and Copyright Policy

Publication and Copyright Policy

Submitting a paper for presentation and publication at relevant SWS Scholarly Society conferences assumes that authors have read and agreed to our publication copyright policy. A condition for publication of manuscripts, accepted after peer review, is that the documents have not been published before and that they are not simultaneously sent for publication elsewhere.

Regarding the originality of the articles - plagiarism is extremely strictly prohibited. If your article is found to be plagiarized to any extent, you agree that SWS has the legal right to take all retaliatory action against the authors of the plagiarized or fabricated report.

By submitting a manuscript, authors agree that the copyright in their article is transferred to the publisher if or when it is accepted for publication. Once submitted and accepted for presentation and publication, a report cannot be withdrawn by the authors.

Before submitting the report, any inconsistencies in the text, including typographical or other errors, must be carefully checked and corrected. The article must not contain material and information that could be construed as illegal, defamatory, plagiarized, or that, if published, would violate the terms and conditions stated in the copyright policy.

The authors agree that the publisher has the legal right to take all necessary action for any such violation found. 

Furthermore, authors are aware of and accept the rules of the ISCSS and ISCAH for publishing a scientific paper and declare that:

  • The manuscript is original and in its present form has not been published elsewhere in any form, it has not been submitted to any journal/proceedings and is not under consideration for publication elsewhere and it will not be submitted to any other journal/proceedings if it is accepted for publication in the SWS Conference Proceedings.
  • The Author is responsible for the research they have done and for the results described in the paper.
  • If the article is a joined work of several authors (co-authors), the Author who submits the article (corresponding Author) declares that any person named as the author (co-author) of the Article is aware of the requirements of this agreement and has agreed for being so named.
  • All Authors have seen and approved the manuscript being submitted and agree to its submission to the SWS Scientific Conference and its Conference Proceedings.
  • On behalf of all co-authors, the corresponding Author shall bear full responsibility for the submission.
  • The Author warrants that the article is the Authors' original work.
  • The Author warrants that the article does not infringe upon any copyright, contains no libellous or otherwise unlawful statements and does not otherwise infringe on the rights of others.
  • The Author/s transfers the copyright for this publication/article to the Publisher of SWS Conference Proceedings - including the exclusive right to store, reproduce and distribute the contribution wholly electronically or in part, including publishing, reprints, translations, photographs and reproductions.
  • The Author licenses the Publisher the right to distribute the Article as a part of SWS Conference proceedings or archive or any other issue managed by the SWS International Scientific Committee.
  • In case, that the article is not accepted by the SWS Review Committee for publishing, this agreement becomes null and void.
  • In case, that the article is withdrawn by the representative author, this agreement becomes null and void. The Cancellation Policy comes into effect.
  • All authors agree that the author list is correct in its content and order and that no modification to the author list can be made without the formal approval of the SWS Review Committee, and all authors accept that the Editor-in-Chief's decisions over acceptance or rejection or in the event of any breach of the Principles of Ethical Publishing in the SWS Review Committee being discovered of retraction are final.

Citation Policy

In citations, authors must ensure that the material is taken from other sources (including if there are their own published texts). Please comply with the requirements:

  • The source must be clearly cited
  • Excessive self-citation of own reports is not tolerated, incl. posts by your friends or institution.
  • References to other reports are not tolerated if the authors have not read the cited work.
  • No advertisements or promotional material should be quoted.
  • According to COPE, "original wording taken directly from publications by other researchers should be enclosed in quotation marks with appropriate citations", incl. and when citing own reports.

Editors monitor strictly for citation manipulation

English style and corrections

We recommend that in order to properly peer review your manuscript, it should be submitted for proofreading in grammatically correct English. If you are not a native English speaker, it is recommended that you have your text professionally edited before submitting, or at least have it read by an English language professional. All accepted manuscripts are checked for the need for language editing, and if necessary, special instructions and recommendations will be sent.

Contacting us

If you have any questions about the Cancellation Policy, please Contact Us.

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